Termly Plans for 5th Class

I’ve been busy working on these termly plans since the beginning of the holidays, in between catch ups, shopping trips and trips home to Waterford. This blogpost is a quick overview of each plan, the books I used and other relevant information.

Each plan includes;

  • Term, Class, Subject
  • Aims, broad objectives
  • Strands and strand units
  • Monthly overview (lesson ideas and activities)
  • Useful links/resources
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Assessment

Each plan is very detailed and offers a variety of lesson ideas/activities. I prefer to write very detailed termly plans as this saves me time during the school year. However, the plans are working documents and can easily be changed/adapted depending on the needs of individual classes. All documents are fully editable in Word.

These plans are for 5th class for September, October, November and December. (January – June will be available after Christmas).


The Literacy plan has various ideas for oral language, reading, writing, poetry and grammar for each month. (The plan does not use the new primary language curriculum). The resources used include;

  • Reading Zone 5th Class – Call of the Sea (main textbook)
  • Toads, Tricks and Aliens + Toads, Tricks and Aliens Skills Book
  • Away with Words 5
  • From Cover to Cover
  • Something Beginning with P (New poems from Irish Poets)
  • Reasons to Write 5


The numeracy plan is broken into strand, strand unit and objectives, mathematical language, mental maths (skills to be developed), activities, resources for each month.The main textbook I will be using is Planet Maths 5.


The Gaeilge plan covers one theme per month; Mé Féin, Sa Bhaile, Caitheamh Aimre, Ócáidí Speisialta (An Nollaig) and various sub themes). It also has the feidhmeanna teanga and the objectives for each category – ‘Éisteacht’, ‘Labhairt’, ‘Léitheoireacht’ and ‘Scríbhneoireacht. Each month also includes nathanna cainte for each theme, grammar, verbs, poems/songs and resources. I didn’t use a specific textbook for this plan but we use Bun go Barr 5 in school. (The plan does not use the new primary language curriculum)


The History, Geography and Science plans have strand, strand units, activities/lessons and resources/useful links for each month. Again, I didn’t use specific textbooks for these plans – there are links to various sites in the plans and I use a lot of project work both individual/group for SESE.





Each month is split into 3 parts covering each of the strands – listening and responding, performing and composing. I will be teaching tin whistle to my class next year so this is a large component of the performing strand in my plans. (My class began learning tin whistle last year  in 4th class.)


The art plan is divided into strands, strand units and objectives, activities (individual art lessons for each strand) and useful links.


The Drama plan is integrated with other areas of the curriculum. September focuses on drama games and improvisation. October (Myths and Legends), November (Bullying) and December (Role of women) are integrated with History and November is integrated with SPHE/Literacy (Bullying).


The P.E. plan is divided into strands, strand units and objectives, activities and useful links. The strands covered this term include Games, Athletics, Dance and Gymnastics.


The SPHE plan is divided into strands, strand units and objectives, activities and useful links for each month. It is integrated with other areas of the curriculum e.g. Science (healthy eating/food and nutrition) and Oral Language (communication and conflict resolution).


There is a bundle of all 11 plans available for €25. This includes planning glance sheets for each month.


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    Wld u have 4th & 5th by any chance? Will u send me yr email please it’s for a pal who’s not on fab Thks olive

    1. Hi Carmel,
      Once you click the schemes you would like – then you will be redirected to Paypal to pay for them.
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    1. You will receive a digital copy of the plans to the email address provided so you can edit/ change them if needed. Niamh

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