I can’t believe there are only 10 weeks left in this school year! These weeks are usually jam packed with standardised tests, school tours, graduations, school plays and other end of term activities!

Looking after you

As always, it’s so important to look after yourself this term. Try to have cut off points, take a break and enjoy the last few weeks. Make sure to find time to do things you enjoy and don’t spend every spare moment on school/resources/planning!

Standardised tests

Standardised assessments are coming soon and they can be a massive source of stress for some children. While I definitely don’t think teachers should focus all their time and energy on these tests, I think it is worthwhile to practice the test conditions so that children don’t panic when they get the test paper and their results will be a true reflection! You can read more tips here.

School Tours

School Tours are another big event this term. Last year we had a great trip to Lullymore Heritage Park which was a great success. So far this year we have gone to the National History Museum and National Art Gallery.  Here are some tips for school tours!

School Plays

School plays are a great way to keep children focussed as the end of the year approaches. Last year we did a Christmas play which the children really loved! School plays are always so memorable for the children and a great way to build confidence and develop drama, music and oral language skills as well as studying another genre in literacy. Other subjects such as SESE, Art, and SPHE can be integrated too! I wrote this post about Christmas plays but most of it is relevant for summer productions too.


If you’re a sixth class teacher, this will be the last 10 weeks of primary school for the children in your class. Many schools have traditions surrounding the graduation with different celebrations to mark the end of their time in primary school. Depending on where you live – many children will go to the local secondary school but in some parts of the country the children will go to different schools and won’t see each other on a daily basis anymore.

Here are some activities for the last few days/weeks to celebrate primary school;

  • Our Favourite Memories; the children can create their own special books and include some of their favourite memories of the last 8 years looking at their friends, teachers, funny things that happened, things they loved, school plays, school tours, things they were afraid of, special occasions etc.
  • Picture Book; the children can bring in pictures from primary school. These can all be added to a powerpoint presentation which a few children can design and it can then be emailed to everyone or a copy can be printed for everyone.
  • Lessons I’ve learned in Primary School; some of the children’s favourite lessons
  • Message book; children can create their own ‘autograph’ books and write messages for one another.
  • Class awards; Can there be a mini ‘Awards’ ceremony celebrating all the talents of the pupils in your class? Awards can be given for manners, listening, looking after others, sports, maths, helper, organiser etc. I spotted these on Teachers Pay Teachers – there are over 80 end of year awards! These are also very cute from Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • Sign a shirt; When I finished in 6th class, we all wore our white school shirt on the last day of school which everyone signed – both teachers and classmates! I think I still have mine somewhere at home! This is a lovely keepsake for the children!
  • Write a letter; The children can write a letter for future 6th class pupils – offering advice/thoughts/encouragement!
  • Some lovely ideas here from the IPPN!