The Marrog is a fantastic poem by R.C. Scriven that we have been looking at over the last few days. Here are some activities that we used and some that I plan to use with the Marrog as inspiration.

Rhyming words

The children can write a list of all the rhyming words in the poem.


The poem is full of adjectives – get the children to list the adjectives in their Magpie copy or to underline them in the poem.

Art – Drawing

Using the descriptions of the Marrog – draw him.

Create your own mythical creature who might live at the back of the classroom.


Write about your mythical creature using lots of adjectives. (What’s his/her name?Where does he/she come from, what does he/she look like, what do they eat/drink, where do they live, why are they here?)

Write a story about what your mythical creature gets up to during the day/ when everyone is gone home.


Imagine the Marrog became visible. How would you react? Where would you hide? How do you think the teacher would react? (Children can work in groups and take on the role of different people – teacher, children, principal, the Marrog)


Create the background music to the arrival of the Marrog. (Imagine you are a composer for a film about the Marrog)