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Stephen from The Primary Planet got in touch with me recently about reviewing this monthly children’s news magazine. I previously reviewed the resource last year while working as a resource teacher so I’m really looking forward to using the set in my classroom this year.

What I love

The magazine is relevant, child friendly, and full of content covering every area of the curriculum. It is literally bursting with content! It keeps children up to date with the news and events that are happening throughout the world.

When my bundle arrived during the week, the children were instantly asking what it was – when they saw the picture of James McClean on the back they were desperate to have a closer look! There’s a chance for students to get involved by writing book reviews, stories, news articles which could then be published for children all over Ireland to read. (In the magazine and also on the Primary Planet Website.)


The magazine is filled with news from around the world, stories from fellow pupils, book reviews, interviews and more. There are so many examples of text types from recounts to reports with book reviews and summaries of events.



There is often a ‘Fact file’ section. This month the focus was on Derry. There is also a two page spread on Dinosaurs!


The conversation is relevant – the children are talking about a recent event (All Ireland Football Final). This would be great for rólimirt between 2/3 children. There is a foclóir section at the end of the page for children to check any words they may not have heard before.


This section focuses on experiments, computers, science and gaming.


There is a great problem solving in Maths section focusing on a theme e.g. Halloween for November.


Another popular section where children can catch up on their favourite celebrities and music!


There is a huge sport section of the magazine covering GAA, Rugby, Soccer and more. It goes through some of the key athletes in each of the sports, along with important matches/ events. This is a very popular section of the magazine.


This is a great section of the magazine – where the children can practice their problem solving skills.

Planning/Teacher Resources

Every month there is a teacher resource pack uploaded to the website – take a look at this month’s resource pack here.

There is also a planning section included in this resource pack – it goes through each section of the curriculum that can be covered using the magazine!

Subscribe today!

You can find out more about subscribing here. There are 10 issues per year (no issue in July/August).




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