The Works; School Supplies

I first visited ‘The Works’ while working in the UK and was really impressed with their offers! There are now 3 stores in Ireland (Republic) – one in Killarney and two in Dublin – in the Square in Tallaght and Omni Park in Santry as well as a number of stores in Northern Ireland.

The Works

Academic Planners, Calendars, Reminders

Lots of different designs and layouts available. The ‘Get the Message’ stickers are really cute too!

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Mindfulness Colouring Books

These are lovely – great for mindfulness colouring books as a relaxation activity during the day.

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Stationery and Art Supplies

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Folders and Filing

thumb_IMG_2834_1024  thumb_IMG_2837_1024 thumb_IMG_2838_1024 thumb_IMG_2844_1024  thumb_IMG_2835_1024


These fact books from Usborne are great. I love having fact books in the class library – they are great for project work.

thumb_IMG_2858_1024 thumb_IMG_2860_1024 thumb_IMG_2859_1024

Sets of Books – huge discounts!

thumb_IMG_2862_1024 thumb_IMG_2861_1024

thumb_IMG_2870_1024 thumb_IMG_2869_1024 thumb_IMG_2868_1024

thumb_IMG_2871_1024 thumb_IMG_2872_1024 thumb_IMG_2873_1024

thumb_IMG_2874_1024 thumb_IMG_2875_1024 thumb_IMG_2876_1024

thumb_IMG_2877_1024 thumb_IMG_2878_1024 thumb_IMG_2879_1024

thumb_IMG_2880_1024 thumb_IMG_2881_1024 thumb_IMG_2882_1024

thumb_IMG_2883_1024 thumb_IMG_2884_1024 thumb_IMG_2885_1024

Storage Boxes

thumb_IMG_2893_1024 thumb_IMG_2888_1024 thumb_IMG_2866_1024


thumb_IMG_2845_1024 thumb_IMG_2846_1024 thumb_IMG_2863_1024 thumb_IMG_2865_1024 thumb_IMG_2889_1024 thumb_IMG_2890_1024

Some great bargains at The Works if you are based in Dublin/Killarney!

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