I had a great year with my class last year but there were a few little things that I think I’ll change or try differently this year.

Class Dojo

While Class Dojo worked really well for me last year – it was a lot of hassle as I had a sort of class dojo shop and it was just hard to keep track. This year I’ll either do homework passes when the children reach 100 points or else pick the top 3/4 children each week to achieve a homework pass. (I’ll chat with the class and see what they’d prefer).

I will also have class goal of certain number of points for a class reward e.g. extra yard or extra P.E.


I like doing weekly homework but this year I started it too early so I’ll wait until January this year I think. (Depends on the class though!)

I’m not a big fan of homework so I give the bare minimum – spellings, tables, reading, a little bit of Literacy writing (usually comprehension questions or a paragraph on a given topic), and 5/6 maths questions based on the topic we are covering in class or else a ‘day’ from Work it Out.

Changing places

I changed places every week last year – it was too much but I couldn’t really change it as the year went on and to be honest it was necessary with my class. This year, I’m hoping to change every fortnight or else every month but I’ll see what works with the class.


I’d like to get a better morning routine in place so the children know exactly what to do when they come into the classroom in the morning. I think a quick list of the books that the children will need during the morning, a writing/maths task etc. and any other reminders that the children might need e.g. hand up homework copy/ money for school tour etc.


Literacy is a tricky subject as there are lots of different parts – reading, writing, oral language, poetry, grammar, spelling etc. It’s difficult to fit everything in. I think I’m going to have set days for different areas of literacy. Spellings will be done every day for 5/10 minutes. For grammar we will be using the Just Grammar series so I’m hoping to do 10-15 minutes a day for grammar too. Reading and comprehension lessons will be 2-3 times per week (sometimes this will be based on the novel, reading/comprehension book e.g. Reading Zone, other times it will be linked with SESE topic). For writing we will do one genre every 6/7 weeks and it will be 1/2 days a week. Oral language will be every day across different curricular areas but probably specific lessons once or twice per week.