If you’ll be finishing your teaching degree in the next few weeks then here are a few things that you might like to know before you start your career as a teacher.


Jobs will start to be advertised over the next couple of weeks and this should continue over the first few weeks of the summer holidays and then pick up again towards the end of August.

Which jobs can I apply for?

You can apply for any jobs advertised as long as they don’t request that you have main panel or supplementary panel rights.



Exactly as it says on the tin. You will become a permanent member of staff in the school.

Fixed term/Temporary

These jobs arise when there are additional numbers in schools/ a teacher has taken a career break/ job sharing etc. These contracts are usually 1 school year in length and if you start your contract before the 1st November you will continue to be paid during the summer.


These jobs usually arise when a teacher is on maternity leave/ parental leave etc. These positions are usually for a set period (weeks/months depending on when the teacher took their leave/ if the teacher is taking extended leave etc.)

Day to Day subbing

Many newly qualified teachers spend the first few weeks/months working day to day in different schools covering for teachers who are absent. This is a great way to get to know different schools in your area.


If you have a teaching council number, you can now work as a substitute teacher. (As far as I’m aware – you need to have a degree before you can obtain a teaching council number.)

You must have a teaching council number to be paid by the department. However I know last year there was an exception to this rule when there was a shortage of substitute teachers.


Depending on the number of teachers in the school you can complete your NQT year through Droichead (school based induction) or with the dip (where you will be seen twice by inspectors from the Department of Education.)


The Irish National Teachers Organisation is the union for primary teachers in Ireland. Personally, I think its important to be a member of the union for advice/ support.

Summer Courses

Irish primary teachers can complete courses during the summer holidays which will give them EPV days that they can use throughout the year (at the discretion of the principal/BOM)

1 course = 3 EPV days

2 courses = 4 EPV days

3 courses = 5 EPV days

You can complete courses online or there are also face to face courses held in primary schools/ education centres around the country.

(It is not always possible for NQT’s to take course days (this is dependent on your school) but they do look good on your CV!)