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I went into town yesterday and popped into Tiger for a look. They always have so many bits and pieces that could be used in lots of ways in your classroom. I took photos of some of the main products that I liked. Below you’ll see some pictures of the products along with a description of how I would use them.


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Tape; this can be used for a wide variety of things in the classroom. The rainbow tape would be perfect to wrap around materials that you own e.g. pencils/pens etc.

Either tape could be used to make frames as seen below.


These are great with bulldog clips for an art display.


Origami paper is perfect for construction in art.Theres 225 sheets of paper so plenty for a number of class projects. (The paper is quite thin though.)


These clips are cute for displaying artwork – especially if you have a washing line type display in your classroom.


Tiger always have a huge selection of beads which are great for art projects or for developing fine motor skills in a resource setting.


These highlighters are good quality!


You can never have enough pencils! Theres lots of options. I always keep a set of pencils in case children forget to bring one in/don’t have one. They know where to get the pencils if they need one.


These magnetic whiteboards are great! They are also lined!


A nice selection of picnic blankets. These would be good in a classroom library area to add some colour to the classroom. Throw in a few cushions and you can make a perfect reading area!


These large paper clips are handy to have. I used them a lot last year to keep worksheets/ plans together.


A set of 12 dice. These are very handy for your Maths box and can be used in lots of different ways. Read more here


These are cute as reading eyes that children could use to help them read. They could also be used as ‘Edit Eyes’ for editing their writing.


Finger puppets – communication/oral language lessons. For gaeilge lessons.


Beach ball – love using this in the resource room but also good for classroom use. You can read more here.


These could be used for display purposes – either a jobs chart/ choose a different word instead of ‘said’ or ‘went’ as seen below.

im loving int


I loved these place name cards. I know they are meant for weddings but thought these could be reused during the year when moving places!

Overall Tiger is one of my favourite places to shop for school materials!

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