Sometimes I wonder if it would be possible to invent time. Unfortunately I have yet to come up with a way. These tips are to help you save time during the day.


1. If the children are old enough or if the task is simply right or wrong let them correct their own work or a friends work. (This will have to be taught first)
2. Correct as you go- as you are walking around the room correct the children’s work.
3. If you are taking up copies/books make sure they are all open on the correct page. (Put the open books on the window sill)


There are endless jobs to do in the classroom. Hand over some of the responsibility to the children. Children  love to be involved in their classroom and take great pride in doing their job. Jobs may include leaders who hand out copies/books, messenger who can run next door and give a quick message or can put photocopying in the office, librarian who keeps a record of which books have been taken from the library and keeps the library in order. By handing over some of the responsibility you are saving yourself time!
When photocopying- photocopy in groups of 5/6 and then group the sheets accordingly- this saves time when handing them out.


Be organised and file things away as soon as possible. Don’t allow a build up of bits and pieces as it will become a daunting task to sort through later and will take double the time!
If you make a resource laminate it use it and keep it! The laminating might take 5 mins extra at the time but it will save you making the resource again and again.
Don’t be afraid to beg borrow and steal ideas from fellow teachers or online!
If making handmade resources make sure you will get lots of use from them and they will be reusable throughout the year or your career. (Spending an hour making resources for a one off 30 mins lesson is a waste of your time!)
Make posters and flash cards on the computer and print as many as you need! (Font size 100 (at least) is necessary for children to be able to read from the back of a classroom!
Hope these tips help- if you have any other ideas let me know and I’ll add them! Niamh