To ask for support is a sign of strength (NIPT)

Teaching is a fantastic job and very rewarding however, throughout our careers we sometimes experience stress and disillusionment.
Many NQT’s feel unable to talk to their colleagues or principal about issues or problems they may have for fear of looking incapable of doing their job or they may be worried about job prospects for the following year.
As teachers we work with many different personalities on a daily basis including other teachers, children, parents and our own friends and family. At times these personalities clash which can lead to stress for all those involved.
I think the NIPT phrase ‘To ask for support is a sign of strength’ is so important and we should follow it.

Please feel free to ask questions/look for advice
You can message me on Facebook or email – if I don’t know the answer I can help you to find it out or post the question anonymously on the Facebook page! 

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