Top 5; Teachers from Around the World to follow on Instagram

I’ve recently started posting regular photos to my Instagram page and love getting ideas from teachers around the world. I shared some of my favourite Irish teachers to follow on Instagram which you can read about here. There are so many different teachers from around the world posting pictures of their classrooms, resources, activities, ideas and displays. It is a great way to get inspiration from other teachers and to learn about education in different countries. It was so difficult to only pick 5 but here are some of my favourites.

Top Teacher is run by 2 friends – Bridget and Sherree. They create fantastic, colourful and child friendly resources which are available from their website.

Smartieeepants is run by a 1st Grade Teacher based in Brisbane, Australia. I love her displays – they are so colourful!

Just a Primary Girl! I love watching Aly’s instagram stories! She makes brilliant resources which are sometimes demonstrated by her super cute son Reid.

Mel – From the Pond creates amazing illustrations and often shares them from start to finish on Instagram Stories. Its brilliant to watch the creations from start to finish!

Year Six Shenanigans is run by Sally Hannah who is based in Queensland, Australia. I enjoy her regular Instagram Stories and fantastic outfit choices. She also has some lovely displays and resources!! I love her recent post about inferencing! 

I’ve found Instagram brilliant for getting ideas in a really quick and easy way! There are thousands of different accounts. These are 5 of the teachers I check out every day! 

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