Topical Tips

Hi everyone, welcome to this new section of Irish Primary Teacher and thanks so much to the follower who suggested the name ‘Topical Tips’. In this section, I’ll be sharing the most relevant posts for the month, resources I’m using, ideas for my class etc. This section will be updated every 3-4 weeks.



Job Applications and Interviews


Supplementary Panel Update


The complete organisational aid for the busy teacher in the 2020/2021 school year, designed to support teachers with their day to day planning. All day-to-day records catered for in one book.
Each month has

  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly overview for each subject (each month is a different colour)
  • Weekly overview spread over two pages
  • A self care section to focus on one nice thing for yourself each day
  • Thematic units ideas and tips
  • Quick reference calendar
  • Sturdy cover and spiral-bound for durability

Further sections

  • Meeting templates
  • Birthdays
  • Class lists
  • Substitute teacher notes
  • Homework tracker

EPV Approved Course

I created this summer course with Rahoo and it was recently approved for EPV days.

The course covers;

  • Relationships
  • Classroom culture
  • Routines and procedures
  • Rewards and consequences
  • Strategies to support you in the classroom with various classroom management/behaviour issues

The course is available through Rahoo’s website and will be €65. There is a current special offer for 20 euro off. The course is €45 until the end of May if you use the code EARLYBIRDMAY2020!

Podcast Interview

Julie from Enriching Education recently started a podcast about teaching, work life balance, running a business and I was delighted to be Julie’s first guest.

Check it out below. It’s short and sweet (20 mins) and I chat a little about myself, setting up Irish Primary Teacher, some of the challenges I’ve faced, some things that people misunderstand about me, work life balance, advice for my NQT self and future plans for Irish Primary Teacher.