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I recently spotted a competition on Facebook by a company ‘Tradtime’ and I was intrigued. I got in contact with Tradtime and they agreed to set up an account for me so I could review the site and software.


You can visit the Tradtime site here.


Once you have signed up you can then access the Web App. You can choose the English version or Gaeilge version. There is also a Beginners or Advanced option to choose from.


Beginners version; Introduction, Tone Ladder (each note is shown and played by the tutor), tunes.



Here the tutor is introduced. The introduction forms the foundation of learning to play the tin whistle. The correct way to be seated is shown, how to hold the tin whistle, where to place your fingers.


Tone ladder


This shows where to play your fingers, the sound and the note on the stave.



The music is displayed on the screen with the note names underneath. Teachers can then chose ‘Slow, Medium or Normal’ rate to play the piece – the note names are highlighted as each note is played. Children can follow ‘Tinny’ on the right or the tutor in the small tv screen at the bottom.

The children can then progress to the Advanced section where more tunes will be found.


The notes are shown and highlighted as they are played.


Some of the tunes also have harmony lines

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-16-48-18 screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-16-46-38


Tradtime is an online website that offers FREE Music software to schools to teach the tin whistle. In return schools agree to send families home a co-signed letter informing them that the school is using the software and that families can buy the software for home use.  This will allow the children the opportunity to practise more at home. The licence is available to families at school discounted rate of  €5.99 per month or €60 per annum.

This letter will be sent out after the teachers have been using the software for a while and are happy to say the school is using it. Tradtime realise that not every family can/will buy a licence, but there will always be parents who will. Regardless of how many families buy the licence, it is free to the school.
Families use a school discount when buying the software and 10% of what Tradtime receive is returned to the school at the end of the school year to spend on music education.
The school does not collect this money – families buy directly from the on-line Shop on the website.

Overall I have found the site really excellent – easy to navigate, colourful and interactive and also FREE to schools. I hope to try it out with a tin whistle group next Monday – I’m sure they’ll love to try out the harmony lines together!

Other packages provided – see further information below.



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