So by now you probably know your new class for next year and will be meeting them before the end of term. Here are some ideas to get to know your new class and to ease any anxiety the children may feel about a new teacher.

Make posters
Get your new class to make posters about themselves; their hobbies, friends, family, hopes for next year etc. These can be used at the end of next year as a look back activity.

Treasure hunt of new class
Children work in teams to find where different things are located in the classroom. Great for children who may be anxious about their new teacher, classroom, where things are etc.

What makes a good teacher/student?
This is great for older children. Children work in teams to discuss the characteristics of good teachers and students. They then pick the top 5 for each. These can be used to form rules in September.


Children stand in a circle. Each child has to say 1,2 or 3 numbers. First child starts at 1.
Child 1; 1,2,3
Child 2; 3,4
Child 3; 5,6,7
Child 4; 8
When they reach 21 that child sits down.

One child is on. Other children sit on the carpet. Use lollipop sticks to choose another child. They say Sausages in a funny voice and the child who is on has to guess who said it. If correct – that child is on.

Heads down thumbs up
Children sit down with their heads down and thumbs up. 3 children are on and each one pulls another child’s thumb. The chosen children then must guess who picked them. If correct they are on. If incorrect same children stay on.

Hope this helps!
Niamh 🙂