As the new school year fast approaches, I’m trying to think of ways to keep myself as organised as possible. I usually start the year with great organisation but after a couple of weeks, I let things slip and soon my desk looks as though a bomb has hit it and I can’t find things I’m looking for.

Teacher Space

I think it’s really important for the teacher to have their own space with everything they need close by.  I have my desk and a small cabinet behind it where I keep all my books for each subject. I then keep my planning folder, planner/diary and assessment folder and any other confidential files in a locked cabinet.

A place for everything and everything in its place

I’m going to try to keep my space and the other areas of the classroom organised – with everything in its place. I still haven’t decided whether to have clear desks or just to keep a few items on the desks. It’s very time consuming to collect books/copies after each lesson but desks can get very messy otherwise. We are lucky to have these cubby holes in our rooms in school so I’ll be using them for books.

I think it’s really important for the children to know where things go and how they should be organised in the classroom. Label everything so the children know exactly where things need to go! I’ll spend some time over the first few weeks teaching the children where items are and how to keep them. I think the classroom library is an important place to start.

Notebooks/Planners etc.

I’ve opted for the Folens planner this year. I attended the Abair Liom for 5th and 6th launch night and got the planner free of charge. I usually attend all book launches but this year I had other things on so could only make the Folens event. I find these launches fantastic as you get to see lots of different materials that the company has- and get lots of free samples too!

I’ll also use the planner from Mr. Price for assessment – you can read more about that here.

In my school, we have a weekly planning meeting in our year groups. We also have staff meetings every month. Usually I have 5/6 notebooks on the go – mainly because I can’t find the one I need in a hurry so this year I’m hoping to just use one notebook for all year group and staff meetings.

I picked up this one in The Works for €3!


Art is probably one of the messiest areas of the curriculum. I haven’t finalised my own timetable yet – as I want to talk to my support teacher first, and find out about P.E. days etc. I think many teachers often schedule Art for last thing on a Friday, a nice activity to finish the week but this can often mean that the children are gone home and the teacher is left to clean up the mess, if things don’t get finished then it has to be carried over to the next week. This year, I’m going to try to do Art on another evening and if needed it can be finished on a Friday then.