Twinkl – A review

I’m often sent new books/products/ resources to use but I always try to take a couple of weeks/months using them before I recommend them. This is mainly because I know how much money teachers spend on resources and therefore I want to be sure that a resource is worthwhile or useful.

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a 6 month Twinkl membership. I was delighted as I really like Twinkl but had let my membership lapse and wasn’t really sure whether to renew or not. Over the last couple of weeks, I have used Twinkl A LOT!!

twinkl 1

My favourite things

  • Resources for displays (letters, titles, pictures etc.) Just type what you want into the search bar.
  • Maths games (loop cards, games, board games)
  • Powerpoints (great powerpoints for a huge range of different topics)
  • Fact sheets (on a range of historic events/ places etc)
  • SEN resources (visual timetables, gross and fine motor activities, behaviour charts, friendship and emotional wellbeing posters)
  • Guided Reading Packs
  • Teaching packs (on a huge range of topics)
  • Page borders (writing displays)

I had used Twinkl on a daily basis when I taught younger classes but always found it was much better for KS1 (Infants – Second Class). However, now I use it all the time for 3rd class and have found lots of suitable resources for older classes too.

twinkl 2

Gaeilge Resources

There is now a ‘Republic of Ireland Curriculum’ section. I have found some good Gaeilge resources but make sure to check before printing/laminating as I did find a number of mistakes – these are rectified quickly if you write in the comments section. (But it is very annoying if you have printed and laminated them and then notice a mistake).


Overall, I think the TWINKL membership is 100% worth it and you won’t be disappointed if you join! The overall cost is ;

It has definitely saved me a lot of time and I use a lot of their resources on a daily basis.

Membership details

twinkl 3


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