Here’s a list of lots of useful websites for Primary School Teachers! If you have any more send me an email or DM on Facebook/Instagram and I’ll add them to the list.

  • – links to free educational teaching resources, games and activities



Website Content
Youtube: “A sage’s journey: the story of Tangrams” Tangrams Tangrams Pattern blocks Pattern blocks Traditional games Traditional games Traditional games The great tables challenge Times table shoot ‘em up Ghost blasters Maths games Play other children maths games



Website Content Bingo Group games Memory games Sequence matters Poems and stories online Literacy games Guided Reading and Reading Games Vocabulary games Space hangman Robo-bee: fly to the word that matches the definition Phoneme games Keyboard game The Literacy Shed Pobble 365 Cloze passages Read aloud stories



Website Content History Geog: finding counties Science: skeleton games Britanna schools online encyclopaedia Animated video, key terms and quiz Energy and forces Energy and forces Energy and forces Energy and forces Food chains Geog Geog Geog: Cameras at different locations around the world Human Body Human Body National geographic light Myths and legends History Puzzles