Vocabulary Cards from 4schools.ie

I received these vocabulary cards from 4schools.ie last week and I really like them. The cards come in packs based on different themes including; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patricks Day and Easter.

Each pack comes with a title banner written in English and as Gaeilge along with individual cards covering key vocabulary based on the theme with the words written in both English and Irish. So far I have used the St. Patricks Day pack and the Spring pack with the children I’m working with.

The cards are excellent quality – bright and colourful with appealing images. They are laminated cards so they are very durable. They would be perfect for a thematic/topic display. Last week, we were completing a mind map on St. Patricks Day and some of the children couldn’t remember the key vocabulary associated with St. Patricks Day so we went through some of the cards and had great discussions based on them. For example when we looked at the picture of the parade, the children started talking about different floats and performers they saw the previous year.

I have found the packs great in the resource room as all the key vocabulary for different themes is readily available. They are aimed at junior classes but I think they would be perfect in older classes too especially using the vocabulary as Gaeilge.

The packs are 15 euro each and available to purchase from 4schools.ie here. (If you order the complete set – 8 packs; then you get 1 pack and postage free!)


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