Weaving Well Being; A Review

I got these books from Outside the Box last year – they were sending sample books to schools. To be honest, it was near the end of the year so I didn’t even look at them and only spotted them the other day and I was delighted as they will be brilliant for some of the children I’m working with in resource this year.


The books are designed to promote positive mental health and well being and are for ages 8-12.


The first book – Positive Emotions is geared towards 3rd class. There are 10 lessons which cover well being, feelings and emotions.



Lesson 2 focuses on Positive emotions. This is a homework activity where the children have to tick a box at the end of each day showing any positive emotion they felt during the day. This would be a lovely activity as it makes children think about the positives. Often when 1 bad thing happens this becomes our focus but by looking only at the positives then this will change our attitude.


Another lovely homework activity – focusing on the power of healthy eating and exercise which are two key factors to promote positive mental health. I know myself I always feel better after going for a walk/ doing exercise.


There is a parents guide in the middle of the book which shares the aims of the lesson and how the parents can support their child.


Another lovely activity – mixing positive emotions and making a potion – the children can then use the potion every day to help their well being.

You can see a full review copy of this book here.


The second book – Tools of Resilience is geared towards 4th class. There are 10 lessons and activities which cover resilience, positive emotions and helpful thinking.


I love the imagery used in the books – it makes the concepts of well being and resilience ‘real’ for the children and they can easily understand the importance of being resilient and having positive emotions. There is a great explanation of resilience – being able to bounce back from set backs, disappointments and failures.


The next page focuses on why we need resilience. It gives relatable examples that many children will have experienced at some point.


Another lovely activity – the children draw all the good things in their lives. This is a nice thing to be able to look at when you’re having a bad day – again refocusing on the positive rather than negative!


Finally the parents section which creates the home school link, making parents aware of what is being covered in school and offering suggestions on how to support the child at home.

Overall I think both books are great and would be brilliant both in them mainstream classroom and particularly in the resource room.

The books are available from Outside the Box for 4.95 each. There is also a teachers planning book but I don’t have a copy of that. Samples of the childrens books (as seen above) are available from Outside the Box. 

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