Week 6

2 weeks to mid-term; not that I’m counting! Just a quick overview of what worked well this week/ things we enjoyed.


In Literacy, we covered procedure writing. We began on Monday with stations – these included;

  • How to make a cup of tea (independent writing)
  • How to make a ham sandwich (independent writing)
  • How to make a paper airplane (follow directions)
  • How to make an origami monster bookmark (follow video directions)

  • Write directions to get from one area of the school to another (e.g. from the classroom to the library/ from the hall to the principals office etc.) For this station – the children worked with a support teacher.)

The independent writing stations were a great way to assess what the children knew already about procedure writing and it was a perfect starting point. To improve our writing, we added time words to the beginning of our directions and made sure to use ‘bossy’ verbs at the beginning of our directions.

We wrote a list of time words and bossy verbs in our ‘magpie’ copies – this is a great reference point for the children for independent work.

On Friday, we enjoyed making rice krispie buns as a treat for a great procedure writing unit.


Next week, we will continue procedure writing but we will tie this unit in with Halloween so the children will write a list of spooky/disgusting ingredients in their magpie copies, along with any equipment they might use. The first spell they will write will be about ‘How To Turn Your Teacher Into a Toad’ – you can download the template below. Afterwards, the children will write their own spell.



For Maths this week, we used the whiteboards a lot. The children really like using whiteboards and its a great way to quickly check for understanding of a new concept. If they make a mistake – they can easily rub it out and continue with the problem. (I use black ankle socks as whiteboard erasers and they work brilliantly.) We are lucky to have a class set of whiteboards but I have also made my own from DVD cases in the past – you can read more about them here.


We started learning ‘The 59th Street Bridge Song’ which the children really enjoyed! We used this video with the lyrics.


The strand for this month is Athletics so we’ve spent most lessons working on running. Our favourite activities include the Run Around Europe and Snatch the Bacon. We also enjoy Rats and Rabbits  which you can read more about here


For Art, we created our own monsters (Drawing) and wrote about them too!



This week our theme was ‘Sa Bhaile’ and we focused on the rooms and furniture in our house. To build up vocabulary, I printed black and white clipart images from the internet and minimised them to copy size. The children then labelled the rooms/pieces of furniture!

I used some great resources from Twinkl too.

Cá bhfuil Niamh?

Around the House Word Mat


For History, our focus this week was ‘Myths and Legends’ – we enjoyed reading Irish myths such as Oisín i dTír na nÓg and myths from other countries such as Romulus and Remus. We were also really lucky to attend the Red Line Book Festival Event in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght. We saw ‘There and Back Again – An Odyssey’ with Patrick Lynch which was fantastic.


What worked well for you this week? Comment below!

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