Week 3 – a quick review

It’s Friday – at last. I’m feeling very tired and can’t wait for an early night and a lie in tomorrow morning. This week went quickly and we did lots of fun lessons. Here are some that worked well.


We’ve started literacy stations/team teaching with the new special ed model. The teacher that works with me is fantastic and I love sharing ideas with her. We’ve been focusing on reading strategies for and so far we’ve covered predicting (I think….) and questioning (I wonder…). One idea she shared this week focused on questioning and using different levels of questioning.

We started reading ‘Rover and the Big Fat Baby’ by Roddy Doyle which the children absolutely love!

Here are some questions (that my colleague made) for the first 2/3 chapters of the story using the different levels of questions; Robot, Detective, Judge, Inventor.

We also did Oral Language stations which worked very well. We had 3 stations;


We did some revision of addition, subtraction and multiplication this week. We also started ‘Maths Notebooks’ where the children do sample questions, brainstorm words for addition/subtraction/multiplication/division etc. It’s like a mini Maths dictionary – that each child creates for their own use.

For mental maths we used ‘100 Square Splat’ from Primary Games

Each group was given a colour. I then asked a question.

  • Tables
  • Tables + a given number or – a given number (e.g. 5×8 – 3 or 8×2 + 5)
  • Addition of two tables (e.g. 6×2 + 3×8 = )
  • Given a number (children give the times table!)

The winning team for each question then colours the answer. The winning team is the team with the most numbers coloured at the end of the game.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on ball handling skills in the Games strand. This week, the children worked in small groups of 5/6 children and created their own games. The only equipment I provided was basketballs, bibs and cones. It was a very interesting P.E. lesson and great for teacher observation/assessment. Some groups worked really well and created their own games (which we later played as a class), while others found it difficult to work together as a team to come up with a suitable game. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on team work skills.


Drawing has been the main strand that we’ve been working with this week. We created ‘Zentangles’ which the children really enjoyed. Each child got a piece of A4 white card – they had the option to divide the page into squares (using their ruler) or creating their own boxes/spaces using whatever shapes they wanted. Then they chose a symbol (most children drew their hand) which they drew on top of the boxes.

In each space (boxes) the children chose a line/pattern and filled in the space then they changed the line/pattern for the next box. We also looked briefly at shading. They left their symbol (hand) blank and then used colour to decorate the hand.

I think its nice to look back at the end of the week and take time to think about what worked well. Often I find that I have so much to do that I forget to take note of what worked well. What lessons did you enjoy most this week? What worked well for you?



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