What is involved in creating resources?

My blog was initially a place where I shared ideas, tips and advice. It now also has a store where I upload documents that I’ve made. This blogpost is to show how long it takes to make each individual resource and the amount of work that goes into it.

teacher resoruces

We have all made powerpoint presentations/ presentations for Smartboards or using promethean software for use with the interactive whiteboards. Most of these presentations take an hour or two to complete – especially if the resource is something you will use over the course of a few weeks or when studying a thematic unit.

When making a resource for the blog it can take anything from 2 – 48 hours depending on what I make. This is because the resources need to be top class. I wouldn’t be happy to put something up on the blog that I made in a hurry or that wasn’t up to scratch.


I usually make resources aimed at the children I’m teaching myself. I am familiar with what the children need to know and have seen the problems/struggles they have faced and therefore create resources to help them.


Sometimes it can be difficult to think of ideas so I’m always happy to receive a suggestion!

What software?

I usually use Powerpoint to create resources for the blog. Initially I tried Microsoft Word but it was very difficult to manipulate text and images to go exactly where I wanted them. I then save the documents as PDF so they can be used by all teachers.


I try to make the documents A4 in size so there is no awkward sizing when printing.


Sometimes I use a blank background – especially if making a worksheet as this helps to save on printing costs. But for presentations I like to add a bit of colour. I purchase backgrounds and frames from Teachers Pay Teachers.

clipart frames


If making a maths resource I make up hundreds of possible questions. This can take time when writing word problems and trying to think of as many different possibilities as I can.

For SESE resources – I have to do a lot of research before I make a resource to make sure that the resources are accurate.


I then try to make the resources as child friendly as possible while also using vocabulary and phrases that expand the children’s knowledge.


This is usually a difficult part. If I was making the resources just for myself – I could google search an image – pick a suitable one and then add it to the presentation. However, I cannot do this when uploading a document to the site. Therefore it takes a very long time to find images/clipart to use without copyright issues. This often results in purchasing clipart from Teachers Pay Teachers or looking for images that are suitable for use on the internet or using photographs I have taken myself.


Many of the images that you find online are not the right size. They need to be edited/ resized to suit the document and cropped to fit in. This is a boring task which can often take a long time.



Most of my resources available on the site are free. However, if a resource takes me more than 4 hours to complete there is a small charge (usually between €1 and €3 euro for it).

Want to create your own resources?

I’ve downloaded/bought some really create resources from other Irish bloggers/resource creators. Some of my favourite resource makers;

Lorraine – Infant Teaching Ideas (Brilliant for infant teachers!)

Aisling – Réalta Ranga (Gaeilge resources!!!)

Ríona- Greann sa Rang (Gaeilge resources and some really great Literacy resources and lots more – loved the Poetry Anthology and St. Patricks Thematic unit!)

If you make a product that is of good quality/ that you think will be of use to other teachers;  you can set up a free account with Mash or Teachers Pay Teachers where you can upload your resources!

  • Mash (Irish run)
  • Teachers Pay Teachers



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