If you are finishing college this year, the job hunt is the next hurdle. Most jobs will be advertised on Education Posts. Many jobs will be advertised including part time, substitute, fixed term, temporary or permanent.


Substitute jobs – These jobs arise to cover maternity or sick leave. (They last for a number of months, usually a start and end date is included in the additional information at the end of the advertisement. Sometimes these jobs can last longer if the permanent teacher takes unpaid leave when her maternity leave is finished)
Temporary jobs – these jobs arise to cover teachers who are seconded or on career break. (These jobs last from September – End of August and you get paid for all holidays.)
Fixed term – These jobs arise when extra resource hours/ another job has been sanctioned by the Department of Education. Usually these jobs are contracted from September to the end of June. (If you have worked for the full year you usually will get paid for the summer)

Permanent jobs – These jobs are advertised after the panel has cleared. These jobs arise when someone retires, a new job has been created (developing schools, increase in number of pupils enrolled etc.)

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