I’ve received a lot of messages from fellow teachers about what I’m doing daily while schools are closed so I’m putting this blogpost together to share what I’m doing to stay busy and calm during this time. I think its worth noting (in case you didn’t know already), that I live in Dublin with my husband, we don’t have any children or any family members in Dublin either. (He is not a teacher so he’s fully working from home.) Obviously if you’re a parent this blogpost will be irrelevant to you but I know there are lots of teachers like me who are spending a lot of the day on their own as their partner or housemates are working etc.


I have to have structure and routine on the day as otherwise I feel a bit all over the place especially during the weekdays. On weekends, I have no problem sitting in and watching Netflix for hours. The structure I use isn’t something that is set in stone – I don’t have exact times for doing things but I try as much as possible to stick to school hours for school work daily so I correspond with parents/on Seesaw with my pupils during those hours.


Every morning I wake up (no alarm) and do some type of exercise – generally a walk or a dance/step workout from YouTube. Then I have breakfast – usually porridge on the weekdays and then I have a treat (pancakes) at the weekend. After that I sit down and make a plan for the day – I usually do 10 things I’d like to accomplish that day, it’s kind of like a to do list but it has basic things on it like put on a wash, get 10,000 sips, answer emails etc.

Then I work – if we’re in school (We’re meant to be on Easter holidays at the moment so I’m not really doing ‘school’ work for the next 2 weeks), I answer emails and chat to my class on Seesaw – it’s mostly feedback on their work and helping them with things they’re not sure of. I’m not sure what way we’ll do things after Easter but I think maybe some prerecorded lessons using powerpoint etc. so a lot of time will be taken up with that once we’re back to ‘school’. During the Easter break, I’m spending time working on the blog and some CPD too.

We have a weekly zoom call with our year group and I’ve had a few other calls/zoom meetings about things like Seesaw and how it works.

After Lunch

After lunch, I spend time playing the piano. I recently started using an app called ‘Simply Piano’ and have found it fantastic. There is a 7 day trial available but I’ve now bought it for the year (I think I paid €108 but it goes through everything step by step and then provided a huge amount of sheet music etc. through the app appropriate to your level. I’ve been really impressed by it!)

I then do blog work which can take a lot of time between blogging and then interacting with people on my social media pages.

I also continue to do work for my own class – both in creating resources and lessons and plans for the children to do at home and also correcting the work they send to me.

I’m also trying to do some CPD – so far I’ve done a course with Jigsaw Online, become a SeeSaw ambassador and I’m working on 3 more courses too which I’ll share more about when I’ve finished them.

I also call friends and family or chat over WhatsApp voice notes etc. I think it’s really important to stay in contact with other people during this time.


I try to get out for another walk, make dinner and watch Netflix. I’m really enjoying Ozark at the moment and would highly recommend it. I’ve a few other series saved to ‘my list’ so I’ll make my way through that over the next few weeks.


I know this might not be relevant to a lot of people but it might just help a few people to feel a little more ‘in control’ during this time of uncertainty!