I’m writing this blogpost to share some of the reasons why I blog – the blogpost is more a reflection for myself at the end of the 4th year of Irish Primary Teacher than a piece for others to read but here it goes.


I blog to reflect on lesson ideas, activities that have worked well and things I’m doing in my classroom. It gives me a place to reflect on what’s working and what I need to change. When I’m having a tough day (or week/month) I can look back on some things that worked well and try them again.

Switching Off

I’m the worst person for switching off – I find it so so difficult. The blog gives me an outlet to get my thoughts on paper (online) and to put them to bed then – otherwise they would be floating around in my head and I wouldn’t be able to relax at all.

Up to Date

The blog makes me keep up to date with what is going on in the teaching world (particularly in Ireland.) I’m constantly researching and learning about new ideas and reading up on new government initiatives etc. I’m also really interested in Maths Education and have been taking part in a ‘Video Club’ with some of my colleagues and Marino College – something which probably wouldn’t have happened without the blog!

Helping Others

The blog helps a lot of other teachers. I find it fantastic to hear from followers that they’ve tried something they found on the blog or on my social media sites and it worked well. I often get texts from family or friends saying their colleagues or someone they know was talking about the blog or an idea they got from Instagram etc.


I really really enjoy blogging. It’s a massive hobby and something which I’m very proud of.

Thinking Through

I’m always thinking of new ideas and different ways to do things – writing it down gives me a way of thinking it through. Most blogposts take a few days to write and I want the idea to be well thought out before I share it to make sure it makes sense if other people want to do it too.

I wonder

Sometimes I go through phases of wondering whats the point in the blog and I take a step back and give myself time to think. Sometimes I question if I spend too much time and effort creating content and nobody really cares. But most of the time I come to the conclusion that I get a lot out of it and the blog is as much for me as it is for other teachers both in Ireland and around the world.