Winter is here so I’m putting together some winter art ideas that are separate to Christmas. I’ve spent the last few hours looking online for inspiration and here are some of my favourites.


The Snowflake is really effective and makes a lovely display in your classroom. They cover the Construction strand and children can work individually (older classes) or in pairs to complete the snowflakes. All you need is; white paper, a scissors and sellotape. For a full guide see here.


I love these ‘Winter Wonderland’ art pieces. The circular shading in the background is very effective and the children can then use black to create different winter imagery – snowmen, trees, houses etc. You can find more examples here.

Snowmen are always one of my favourites for Winter Art.


This is from ‘Art is What I teach’ – see lesson here.


Aerial Snowman from Tiny Art Room. See lesson here.


Snowman Silhouette from Kid and Glitter. See lesson here.


Snowmen at night from A Faithful Attempt. See lesson here.


Snowmen mosaics.

These houses in winter are really effective too! You could use a variety of different paper to create them along with some paint for the snow.


Source from Plastiquem.


I think these penguins are so cute! Source from here


Really love these ‘Winter Sticky Tape Trees’ from Once Upon an Art Room – lesson here.


If I lived in a snowglobe – nice literacy integration – narrative writing. Lesson here.


Mosaic Winter Trees.

Lots of other ideas on my Pinterest board; Winter Art Ideas which you can follow here.