I recently purchased a wireless mouse for my classroom on Amazon as I was looking for a way to use powerpoint or other interactive material but not have to sit at my desk on the laptop. Initially I was looking for a clicker but lots of people recommended the wireless mouse instead. (I also got a clicker but more on that later).

This is the mouse I bought – it was less than 10 euro and I got a free trial of Amazon Prime so it arrived 2 days later. (affiliate link)

The mouse requires 1 AA battery – it has a little usb which is plugged into the computer and then the mouse works all around the classroom. When mouse is not in use (after 8 minutes) it turns to power saving mode to save battery so the battery is expected to last 15 months.

I’ve used the mouse in all areas of my classroom and have had no issues with the range it covers!

How I’m using it in the classroom?

The main ways I use the mouse so far are for movement around the classroom and student use.


If I’m using a powerpoint or interactive material on the whiteboard- I often would have to sit at my desk to move to the next slide or to choose a new activity. With the wireless mouse I can walk around classroom and use a hard surface (child’s table/library area etc.) to move on.

It means I can be working with one group for station teaching for example but keep an eye on the other groups and give them extra material if required.

Student Use

If we are using an interactive material/ playing a game to consolidate learning the children can simply use the mouse to click on the correct answer. (I will use the mouse as well as allowing children to come up to the board.) It also means more children get to take part as often when they are coming up to the board it can take too much time.

Overall I’m finding the mouse very useful so far and I’d definitely recommend it.