I’ve just finished another set of weekly plans for resource. I find planning weekly works best for me as things can change a lot from one week to another but it can be very time consuming. I’ve also found that over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to do too much in the sessions – a bit of literacy, a bit of numeracy and then the other areas that the child needs support in – social skills/ language/ gross motor skills etc. I find then that I’m rushing from one thing to the next and don’t have enough time to get everything completed. So from now on I’m going to do things a bit differently.


I made a quick timetable last Friday with the children’s names and which areas I plan to cover each day e.g. literacy/numeracy/social skills/ language/ motor skills.

resource teaching planning

This is a very rough outline!

I hope to be able to stick to this timetable as then all I need to do is change minor details in the weekly plans – the level of reader/ the social skill to be covered/ maths topic etc. I found it worked really well this week in the resource room where the focus was on one topic – maths/ literacy/ social skills etc. It also meant that I got my weekly plans done in less than 40 minutes today as I just had to change what I was planning to do.

This is a sample weekly plan for 1 child. The targets are taken from the IEP – they may be broken down into smaller parts to be more specific and measurable on a weekly basis.

Weekly Plan Resource teachers ireland