I’ve received a number of messages about the planning needed for resource teaching – to be 100% honest I’ve heard 10 different answers and I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. So this blogpost is about how I do my planning.


My planning consists of

  • Weekly plans for each child
  • IEP for each child (which will be completed in October) and reviewed at the end of January/February next year.
  • Group plans (for Social groups/Language groups etc.)

Weekly plans

I plan literacy and numeracy activities for each child as well as activities for the childs specific targets (social skills, language/communication, attention, organisation, gross motor/fine motor etc.)

I print these on Monday morning and have them ready on my table. I then write anything extra onto the plans – either things that the child struggled with and need more revision or things that worked well or things that we didn’t have time to complete. I also include any other unplanned work that was completed – this could be work that the class teacher noticed the child needed extra support in, or it could be work on a particular social skill if there was a ‘teachable moment’. I view my plans as a guide and I try to be as flexible as possible to best support the child.


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I use IEP template 1 from SESS – I find this template is really clear.

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To help with IEP planning;

Classroom Teacher Observation Sheets 


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Observations by the Resource Teacher

I took notes when I observed the children in class during the first week of school -these are handy for IEP planning.

Meeting with Parents; Initial Meeting – blogpost here

Keep notes of this meeting including; Date and Time, who was present, what was discussed and what actions (if any) need to be taken and by whom.

Recommendations in psychological report

Usually there is a list of recommendations at the end of the psychological report which is a good starting point.

IEP’s from previous years

Social Groups/Language Group Planning

These will be short documents which will contain the targets for the group as well as a list of activities that the children will be completing in the group.


Other planning sheets;

Class Teachers Planning Sheet;


You are probably working with children in different classes or different year groups so this sheet is handy to use to see what each teacher is covering each week so you can have resources ready to cover the same topics that are being covered in class. (It is also useful to have this a week in advance so you can pre- teach certain topics so the child can then participate fully in class discussions – particularly for SESE subjects.)

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