Worry Plaque from the Irish Fairy Door Company

I was delighted when I was contacted by the Irish Fairy Door Company about their worry plaque and was even more thrilled to receive my very own Worry Plaque in the post. Here are my thoughts about the worry plaque and why I would definitely recommend one for the classroom.

The Irish Fairy Door Company have created a magical world of fairies for young people (and adults alike) to enjoy. Many children in my school have their own fairy doors at home and love to share stories of the letters they received and the adventures their fairy enjoys. It’s amazing to hear these stories and the magic the fairy brings to the children and their families lives.

Children of all ages have worries. These worries might be something that the child doesn’t want to share with another person so by having the worry plaque, the child can take some time to share their worry with the fairies. When the child places their hand on the worry plaque, the colour of changes to red.

Then the colour changes to green to show that the child’s worries have been transferred to the fairies. The fairies then ground down the energy in worries to make perfect wish-granting dust!

How would I use this in the classroom?

In the past, I have used a worry monster and a worry box as a way to help children to share their worries/concerns. (Some of these worries need adult support but many children just need to share their worry and then feel much better.) In the classroom, I would create a quiet space where a child could go to share their worry with the fairies.

It could be used in a similar way to the ‘Tattle Monster’ whereby children can share their tattle with the fairies after break/yard time. (I think its important for children to know that if someone is hurt then they need to tell the teacher but otherwise the fairies can look after the worry!)

The video below shows the Worry Plaque in action in some schools around Ireland.

Overall, I think the Worry Plaque would be a great addition to any classroom as it gives children a chance to share their worries in a safe and magical way!

You can find out more about the Worry Plaque here

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